What to look out for in this week's deluge of SaaS earnings reports | TechCrunch


Earnings season is nearly always upon us, mainly because many software companies offset their internal calendar by a month so they can avoid closing their financial years in December, granting them all of January to wrap their fourth quarter.

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What all that means for you and I is that this week is going to bring a whole mess of software financial data, and it has me excited!

As someone who spends most of his time thinking about, and discussing private-market companies, I look forward to reading public tech companies’ financial results, because they have to spill the beans four times a year, giving us an excellent window into what is really happening on the ground.

This sort of data helps TechCrunch+ understand the crypto market, the IPO window, big tech, and, this week, what’s up with software companies.

Here’s a rundown of the key names reporting third-quarter results this week and what we might learn from them:

Monday: Zscaler


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