May 26, 2024
Solana institutional investors


Solana has gained the favor of institutional investors recently which has seen a marked increase in the amount of inflows that the altcoin has recorded. This trend has continued with last week’s numbers which show a significant amount of inflows for Solana compared to the likes of Ethereum.

Solana Inflows Reach $15.5 Million

According to data from the latest CoinShares report, the inflows into Solana for the last week came out to $15.5 million. This came while some altcoins such as Ethereum saw outflows for the week. For context, Ethereum outflows reached $7.4 million in the same time frame.

As a result of the latest round of inflows, the total Solana Asses under Management (AuM) has reached $74 million. This means that the Solana AuM is up 47% year-to-date, compared to Ethereum’s which has dropped continuously this year, climbing to $119 million in outflows year-to-date.

Cardano is another altcoin that saw inflows for the week but to a lesser degree. Its inflows were $0.1 million, bringing its total AuM to $24 million, with a $6 million increase year-to-date. Other investment products saw $0.9 million, leading their AuM to reach $76 million.

Multi-asset products, however, went the way of Ethereum with outflows of $0.6 million. This brings its AuM to $1.17 billion, a $31 million decrease year-to-date.

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Bitcoin Dominates Inflows

For the same week, Bitcoin once again came out ahead in terms of inflows, with numbers topping that of Solana. The leading cryptocurrency saw $55.3 million in inflows, bringing its AuM to $24.205 billion. The asset’s month-to-date inflows are currently sitting at an impressive $111.9 million.

In the same vein, Bitcoin’s year-to-date inflows have also remained on the high side with $315 million in inflows so far. This has further solidified its position as the leading asset with the most interest from institutional investors so far.

Short Bitcoin products were also not left out of the inflow trend. Its weekly inflows sit at $1.6 million, while the month-to-date inflows came out to $4.5 million. Its year-to-date inflows sit at $46 million, bringing its AuM to $99 million. In total, the AuM of crypto investment products is nearly $33 billion.

“Following recent price appreciation, total Assets under Management (AuM) have risen by 15% since their lows in early September, now totalling nearly US$33bn, the highest point since mid-August,” the CoinShares report said.

CoinShares also notes that the inflows could be linked to the excitement and anticipation of a Spot Bitcoin ETF being approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). However, the numbers are much lower compared to when asset manager BlackRock first announced that it had filed for a Spot Bitcoin ETF.

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