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Dogecoin is trading in the green today, which is a reflection of what on-chain data suggests maybe whales looking to propel the crypto to a rally. Recent on-chain data shows that institutional money might be returning to the meme token, as evident by the number of Dogecoin wallets holding large amounts of DOGE tokens. 

Institutional Interest In Dogecoin

Data from the crypto analytics platform IntoTheBlock has reiterated the current bullish sentiment among Dogecoin whales. According to its large transaction metric, the number of DOGE transactions worth $100,000 or more has been on a run since the middle of last month and resumed a spike in the past week. 

IntoTheBlock puts the number of transactions worth $100,000 at 1,300 in the past 24 hours and a 7-day high of 1,770. This notable increase indicates a growing interest in DOGE from institutional players and large-scale investors, which brings more stability and less volatility.

This large transaction volume has been going on for a while, as an earlier report noted large holders added more than $2 billion into DOGE throughout October and the first week of November. 

Crypto Analyst Ali Martinez also shared a similar sentiment for the translation of the metric’s data on social media. According to him, the number of huge DOGE transactions has consistently set new highs this month, which might suggest an increased interest in DOGE from institutional players. 

Is A Spike Imminent? DOGE To $0.2?

Large transactions are something to keep an eye on, as they might indicate a significant price spike if they are buy-ins. Similarly, on-chain analytics platform Santiment recently shared an insight into what might be another catalyst for the price of DOGE.

Santiment reported that the number of Dogecoin wallets holding over 1 million DOGE has spiked, as 121 new wallets were created in the past month. At the same time, the crypto recently had the largest spike in dormant DOGE activity in June, as massive amounts of older DOGE moved out of stagnant wallets. While this may be a sign of a selloff, Santiment pointed out that this move often signaled a positive momentum.

Despite all the whale buy-ins and large transactions since October, DOGE has struggled to post high gains compared to other altcoins. The crypto is down by 7.8% in the past week, although a 2.17% increase in the past 24 hours shows momentum might be building. A price surge to $0.2 is still in the books for DOGE, and all it needs is a major catalyst. The first hurdle to break would be a strong footing above $0.08. 

DOGE is trading at $0.0776 at the time of writing. IntoTheBlock puts the number of addresses still waiting for a profit at 557,560. On the other hand, a drop below $0.6 could cast doubt on the weak optimistic outlook.

According to crypto analyst Alan Santana, this is poised to change soon, as Dogecoin could break out in the next six months.

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