Instagram launches customizable 'Add Yours' templates


Instagram launched a new feature where you can create customized “Add Yours” templates with GIFs, images and text, allowing you to make your own meme-able Stories for followers to participate in.

To create an Add Yours template, start uploading a Story and add elements like a GIF, custom text or an image from the gallery. Then tap on the “Add Yours Templates” sticker and select which elements you want to pin. Users who want to share your template can’t change what you selected, but they can add to it.

The new feature is rolling out globally starting today.

The custom templates are a fun addition to the interactive Add Yours sticker, which launched in 2021, and gives you the ability to respond to a prompt made by another user to post on your Story. Now anyone can take an Add Yours prompt and add their own spin to it, allowing for more creative expression and collaboration. Similarly, Instagram introduced a “template browser” for Reels in July, letting you discover and customize pre-made templates to add to your videos.

In recent news, the photo-sharing app released its generative AI-powered background editing tool to the U.S., giving users the ability to change their background with prompts.


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