How founders can find events that are actually worth it | TechCrunch


Events can be critical to helping founders build their company, but not all events are created equal. Founders shouldn’t feel like they have to waste their time trying to unearth the diamonds in the rough. But there are ways to judge if an event will be worth it ahead of time.

Last week, we published the results of a survey that asked founders if they’d change how much time they’d spent at founder-focused events if they could. More than 50 founders replied and revealed that there wasn’t a consensus on how many events they found helpful to attend. What was clear, though, is that many founders have figured out ways to not waste their time.

Mohammed AlKaff AlHashmi, the co-founder of Islamic Coin, said that founders should have a strategy for how many events they want to attend in a given period of time. This essentially forces them to look critically at which events may provide value. He said he attends just one event per quarter.

“Attending four well-planned events each year, one per quarter, is far more beneficial than going to many events with low impact,” he told TechCrunch+. “In these four events, we’ll be sponsors, set up booths, and take part in talks, panels and speeches. This is way better than spreading ourselves thin at numerous events.”


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